The Buffett Institute for Global Studies addresses critical global issues through collaborative research, public dialogue, and engaged scholarship. Buffett's global engagement programming supports undergraduates who want to make a difference.

  • Global Engagement Studies Institute (GESI): The GESI study abroad program immerses students in experiential learning. Students work and learn in communities around the world while helping them address issues in areas like health, education, environment, youth, women’s empowerment, social enterprise development, and microfinance.
  • Community-Based Research Fellow Program: Community-based research (CBR) combines community knowledge and university knowledge to address global issues through actionable research. CBR fellows apply academic learning to real-world issues and produce findings to support the sustainability of community-driven initiatives.

The Buffett Institute Global Research series collects the engaged scholarship of students who participated in Buffett's programs. Contact us for more information about this collection.