Communication Studies Undergraduate Honors Theses


The Communication Studies Honors Program provides a special opportunity for advanced students to pursue an intellectual passion, acquire valuable research and writing skills, and complete their undergraduate career with distinction. Through guided development of an independent study research project, the student produces a scholarly paper, laboratory research report, or other dedicated research project. This work provides a final opportunity to draw together the student’s distinctive set of courses and other academic experiences, and to strengthen applications for subsequent vocational preparation or placement.

Completed theses will be uploaded to this collection for permanent archiving.

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Theses from 2017


Silver Screen to Silver Bullet: A Cultural Explanation for Nigeria's Economic Growth, William B. Altabef


Gendered Advertising to Children: An Analysis of Differences in Male- and Female-Targeted Television Commercials, Meredith Ford


Communicating with Reactions: The role of self-presentational concerns in disclosing emotional reactions via Reactions on Facebook, Min Kyong Kim